Graphic Design Specialties


Hi, I'm Jon. And I'm a Graphic Designer. To me, this means finding function
in form. Creating with a message in mind but a vision to portray it.

Portfolio Updates

Although websites are organic things, and constantly adjusting and adapting, there isn't really such thing as a portfolio website without any actual work on it.

Now, granted I felt a website in itself is an art form, I am very excited to finally have my portfolio debuting online here.

Demo Reel

One of my side passions within the field of Graphic Design has always been motion design. Ever since my first semester of Adobe After Effects in college, I have loved designing things that move.

I'm pleased to share my updated demo reel with you here!

"In Demand"

My story has been written as an article featured on Jan 18th's front page of the business section. It was a blast to share my story and be photographed.

Thanks to the Author and Photographer of the piece.